Doğuş Group supports its stakeholder approach with ethical principles to provide the best solution all the time. Corporate risk management ensures effective management of risks.

Doğuş Group assigns great importance to announcing financial and non-financial information to shareholders, employees, customers, domestic and foreign business partners, suppliers, existing and potential investors of publicly traded companies and the general public.

From large institutions to individual customers, from employees to society in general, Doğuş Group functions in a transparent and accountable manner in an environment that is impacted by the actions of all players with each other.

Doğuş Group has combined universally accepted principles and responsible work practices with all its operations and business activities.

All information regarding the Group is posted on the website. The public is kept informed of corporate strategy, operations and new investment areas through the Annual Report and periodically published press bulletins and meetings.

The Group’s financials are prepared according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) on a quarterly basis. Independent mid-year and year-end audit reports are shared with the public.

All subsidiaries traded on Borsa İstanbul (BIST) have their own Investor Relations departments that provide a flow of information to their stakeholders according to national regulations. The operational areas and performance of publicly traded Group companies are disclosed by the Capital Market Board (CMB) according to the principles of the companies.

BIST special circumstances disclosures are the responsibility of the Holding’s finance department, except for the publicly traded Group companies, should a public disclosure be required.