Doğuş Group has a management approach to Employee Engagement processes, which means questioning the opinions and expectations of employees, providing feedback by assessing these expectations, and evaluating employee opinions in company management.

Doğuş Group believes in the importance of employee satisfaction for maintaining corporate success, ensuring the happiness of employees by providing a decent working environment, fully implementing corporate values, and ensuring permanent trust of all stakeholders. Employees and Decent Work Policy prepared for this aim in 2012 has been shared with the public in Doğuş Group 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Employee benefits and detailed Human Resources information is available on our website under the heading of Career.


Doğuş Group approaches employee health and safety related subjects as a universal value and completely fulfills its liabilities for this responsibility. Human Resources Policy and Employees and Decent Work Policy of Doğuş Group have been prepared to include the health and safety related commitments determined to protect the physical and mental health of Doğuş Group employees.

Health and Safety Council

All processes to establish Doğuş Group Employee Health and Safety Council were completed in 2012 and the Council began its active duties in 2013. All health and safety committees report to the Council, which includes representatives from all Doğuş Group units and Holding subsidiaries. The percentage of the total workforce represented in formal health and safety committees is 20%. The Council monitors these committees and makes necessary recommendations.


Due to today's ever-changing economic conditions and the problems arising from the need for a fast and accurate adaptation to these conditions, commitment of employees to company, satisfaction and happiness they felt about their jobs, and their desires to provide added value to their jobs by considering themselves as a part of the company and decision making processes have become inevitable priorities of a company. Measuring the satisfaction level of employees about their jobs, and determining new targets by evaluating the strength of their emotional ties to the company are considered as factors providing competitive advantage for all the companies in the world.

For this aim, Doğuş Holding conducts an employee satisfaction survey every second year. The results of the survey are directly reported to the CEO of Doğuş Group, and new projects and applications are developed by creating action plans for development areas.

Detailed information about the subject is available on our website under the title of Career and in relevant sections of our CSR Reports.


Doğuş Group believes that Employee Volunteering Programs, teaching employees to be part of the solution of social problems, providing a sense of conscience and individual satisfaction, and enabling real participation in community engagement programs of the company, are among the most important factors increasing employee satisfaction and commitment to Group companies. In this regard, employees are supported to take part in non-governmental activities that are in line with both corporate impact and their own wishes. The establishment of corporate strategies is encouraged to ensure the sustainability of the programs.