We believe that corporate responsibility is a business management approach essential for gaining stakeholder trust.

An integrated CSR approach, which engages with the business processes, is the focus of responsible business strategies of Doğuş Group. Doğuş Group’s responsible business approach has four main pillars: Corporate Governance, Responsible Earning, Responsible Investment and Local Employment.

Corporate Governance

Doğuş Group’s corporate governance framework is the widest control mechanism, both internally and externally, stimulating the proper and efficient use of corporate resources and simultaneously requiring accountability for those resources. For Doğuş Group, corporate governance is a precursor to CSR, which both enables CSR performance and encapsulates its related areas. Detailed information and explanation on Doğuş Group's corporate governance is published within the scope of the annual report on a regular basis.

Responsible Earning

Doğuş Group corporate responsibility approach is directly linked with the Group’s growth and financial strategies, and includes every stage of the product and service life cycle. Beginning from the supply chain, all operational processes are planned and managed with this approach, paying particular attention to stakeholder concerns and expectations.

Responsible Investment

As Doğuş Group, we believe that companies, which demonstrate powerful and transparent corporate governance and have sustainable business policies, generate financial benefits in addition to enhancing value to brand reputation and gaining the trust of stakeholders. Effective environmental, social and economic management systems and policies ensure companies credibility and sustainability, since they are considered as a reliable risk management model.


Doğuş Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy fully intends to ensure the well-being and development of the communities where it operates. This strategy is also supported by the Group’s vision and values.

Beginning from the local supply chain, Doğuş Group has a strong economic impact on local communities. At the same time, high standards in product and service quality of Group companies also produces positive effects on platforms, in which public and local employment policies are created.


Doğuş Group believes that the Group’s supply chain plays an important role in the decisive factors of its stakeholders and represents an essential resource to achieve the Group’s strategic goals. Therefore, it provides necessary support for suppliers to implement sustainable practices.

In this context, solution partners, which constitute an important part of supply chain, are supported by various tools such as assessments, awareness programs, audits, and information on social-environmental laws and regulations.


Doğuş Group is sustained with a customer-focused and productivity centered management strategy. Although the strategy is applied through financial efficiency and growth oriented policies, it also requires a very strong corporate citizenship structure.

Within the scope of this approach, which is the center of all of our activities and operations, our main principle is to meet the expectations of our society and primary key stakeholders and oversee their benefits.

Customer Satisfaction Oriented Group Culture

We monitor and evaluate how Group companies implement the customer satisfaction oriented Group culture through auditing and feedback mechanisms in every stage. Product and service quality, as well as customer health and safety, are among the crucial key performance indicators of our Group companies.

Doğuş Group Customer Satisfaction Oriented Group Culture

Supply Chain Management

Product and Service Quality

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Training and Development

Customer Complaint Management