We are proud to announce that we are embarking on a journey to revive Parkorman, the “park in the forest,” and bring it back to life for Istanbul to enjoy. Throughout the process, we will respect nature’s boundaries as a sign of our gratitude and love for this land.

We set off on this journey by imagining a place appealing to the five senses and express our commitment by saying, “This park and this forest were always here, we are only reviving them to create a space where everyone can enjoy a breath of fresh air at the heart of Istanbul.”

We imagine Parkorman as an easily accessible place where people can work in the shade of a tree and children can play surrounded by nature, where delicious menus are served, and most importantly, as a natural environment that can be enjoyed freely. We are all very excited about the idea of reopening Parkorman to the people of Istanbul.

Drawing from our sustainability philosophy, we will listen to the sounds of nature and limit our touches to only restoring the park’s uniqueness without disrupting its natural harmony, so that it resonates with all of Istanbul.

As we put all our efforts into completing some of the concert and event areas by the summer of 2022, we plan to finalize our rehabilitation work by 2023.

We look forward to reuniting with you in this natural heart of the city soon.