Doğuş Group has started the “3 Kumbara” financial literacy education program to instill awareness of savings among 4th grade students and to ensure the development of this awareness among their families as well.

The program was initiated with the support of the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Türkiye and in collaboration with FODER (Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association) and Para Durumu Financial Literacy Program in 2012.

In addition to the in-class trainings prepared for students in 3 Kumbara trainings, where parents also participate, children were provided with detailed information about concepts such as invoice, allowance and savings by the instructors.

3 Kumbara Financial Literacy Education Program aims to reach 500,000 4th grade students and parents in 81 provinces until 2017.

Click here for more information about 3kumbara http://www.3kumbara.org