We strive to attain the continuous economic and social development of women, to ensure that they are paid for their hard work and their lives are improved, and we provide for a stable, permanent platform that supports them with training and opportunities.

DOKU platform was initiated in 2016 and comprises of two centres based in Uçhisar and Didim, to promise a new life to the authentic values of Anatolia.

DOKU enables women to present a different take on traditional customs, and infuse urban life with traditional and authentic values. The products, lovingly crafted by women, are manufactured at locations where Doğuş Group currently has other investments in place and presented to a wider audience: sometimes a foreign tourist is encouraged to try fascinating Anatolian delicacies; at other times it takes form of a traditional handcraft.

DOKU helps women to market their crafting capabilities to the masses, while "Applied Training Workshops" help them to adopt a more knowledgeable approach to the production and consumption cycle while learning more about a series of subjects from economics to culture and art.

Women are provided with a platform where they are not only encouraged to strive for economic independence but also a space where they interact socially, create value, feel appreciated and develop a higher self-esteem.