With its more than 35,000 employees, Doğuş Group creates a group synergy by bringing together an understanding of quality service, innovative thinking and customer focused approach.

As our founder Mr Ayhan Şahenk said years ago, Doğuş Group believes that within the keen competitive environment of the globalising world, its real capital is its human resources. Investing in its employees' areas of development, the Group has created a robust human resources pool, based on the vision of "the Right Person for the Right Job" in order to enable personal development and achieve corporate objectives.

For those:

  • planning their careers in service sectors in which both local and international leading brands are present,

  • aiming to make a difference by adopting the principles of openness, fairness, honesty and humbleness in a competitive environment,

  • wishing to work in an environment providing them confidence and support based on the solidarity and sharing offered by the work place,

  • wishing to work in an environment where thoughts are shared out loud,

  • wishing to work in an environment where new and innovative ideas are appreciated,

  • and wishing to work in an environment where a long term career development is possible,

Doğuş Group is the right address.

The Human Resources Teams of the Doğuş Group of Companies select individuals to be included in the Group from among those who solve problems, execute and develop plans and who are able to say "we" instead of "I" while doing all this.