In 2013, 750 tons of waste engine oil collected from the after-sales service centers of Doğuş Otomotiv were sent to various cement and lime factories and used as additional fuel instead of conventional fuels (coal, petroleum coke, etc.).

Due to the limited use of such fossil fuels as coal and petroleum coke, we have prevented an extra 3,476 tons of CO2 emission. This equals 158,000 trees that can create 395 hectares of forest.

We have saved approximately 9,265 trees with the recycling of 544,896 kg of paper and cardboard in 2013. 234,154 kg of paper and cardboard was recycled through ÇEVKO, 268,880 kg of paper and cardboard from our logistics warehouse was collected separately and recycled though a licensed recycling company, and 41,862 kg of paper and cardboard was collected from the offices and recycled through Sadık Kağıt Company in 2013.

Doğuş Otomotiv and Doğuş Oto obtained 624,255 liters of base oil from the waste oil collected in 2012 and 2013 and prevented 8,449 tons of CO2 emission. We have contributed to the protection of environment by disposing of 152 tons of waste engine oil in waste incineration plants.