Do, Employee Engagement Platform for Doğuş Group, is a colorful world created to make us who we are, add value to Doğuş Group employees' lives, make them express themselves within their differences and attributes, make our mutual dreams come true.

Via "" website and "Dolu Hayat" mobile application, Doğuş Group employees can easily reach latest news from Doğuş Group, exclusive offers and activities. They also can share their thoughts and suggestions on "I've an Idea" platform. They receive offers from Doğuş Group brands as well as other leading brands in various sectors using their Do ID numbers on online shopping; their Do cards and "Show My Card" button located in the mobile application on other shopping channels.

Do, created with the synergy within Doğuş Group companies, plans to grow day by day aiming to touch and add value to every single Doğuş Group employee's life.