SK planet and Turkish Doğuş Group signed a MOU for new internet business collaboration

Seo Jinwoo, CEO of SK planet and Hüsnü Akhan, CEO of Doğuş Group signed a MOU at Davos Forum, Switzerland on 25th of Jan.

- Doğuş Group which is the one of the largest conglomerates in Turkey and SK planet will collaborate to develop new business initiatives in various fields.

- The partnership will accelerate penetrations in new markets such as Japan, China, USA, South-Eastern Asia and Europe.

SK Planet (Jinwoo Seo CEO, and Doğuş Group (Hüsnü Akhan CEO, have signed MOU (Memorandum of understanding) for new internet business collaboration.

SK planet and Doğuş Group had a signing ceremony for new internet business partnership via inter-company collaboration with Mr. Seo, CEO of SK planet and Mr. Akhan, CEO of Doğuş Group in attendance.

Doğuş Group has 122 companies and a workforce of over 29 thousand which enables to offer high level technology, quality brands and dynamic human resources to its customers. Doğuş Group operates in seven sectors: financial services, automotive, construction, media, tourism and retail, real estate and energy. The Group seeks to maximize the value of its brands, not only in Turkey but also in the regional and global context. The Group carries the vision of becoming a regional leader especially in the services sector.

Doğuş Group always provides its services based upon the principles of customer satisfaction and trust. As a result of this approach, the Group has created reputable brands with global standards and has been representing our country worldwide. Its name is a source of attraction for the international investors who are interested in Turkey. The Group has contributed to this process by creating a synergy with global giants including: BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A.) in finance, Volkswagen AG and TÜVSÜD in automotive, CNBC, MSNBC and Condé Nast in media and Hyatt International Ltd. and HMS International Hotel GmbH (Maritim) in tourism.

SK planet will discover new internet business opportunities by grafting SK planet's mobile, SNS (Social Network Services), commerce related business capabilities and infrastructures on Doğuş Group's various business fields through this collaboration. The companies will sign a joint investment contract in this year to define different business opportunities.

Moreover, "This collaboration settlement has been preceeded on agreement between Taewon Chey, Chairman of SK group and Ferit F. Şahenk, Chairman of Doğuş Group, to generate a synergy between each companies."

CEO Seo mentioned "We expect to have wide collaboration on various business fields such as finance, automotive, construction, media, and tourism covered by Doğuş Group. Furthermore, a global competitiveness of SK planet will be empowered by this collaboration and accordingly we will enlarge our global business in different directions."

Mr. Akhan stated "I think that technology is the main driver for development in general and it will become more important in the future. If we do not follow the technological progress attentively, it is hard to be successful and competitive. Therefore, as Doğuş Group, we always value to implement innovative approaches and we stand firm to protect our quality." CEO of Doğuş Group added that "The strategic partnership between Doğuş and SK will contribute and enhance our business strategy. SK has a significant presence in South Korea and we will create an inspiring synergy through their extensive experience within the sector."

SK is South Korea's third largest conglomerate with activities within energy, chemicals, telecommunication, distribution and services. SK contributes to the growth and advancement of Korea by strengthening the national key industries including telecommunication.

Having started with a textile factory, SK who has came along with the growth of Korean economy has committed to the national economic development focusing its ability on a variable and wide range from the basic industry - the basis of the nation - to a next generation core business sector. Not content with the accomplishment achieved in the national basic industry and cutting-edge information communication sector such as energy chemistry and telecommunication, SK is seeking to improve its competitiveness through innovation in fields like semiconductor and information technology.

SK planet is a platform company, and one of the subsidiaries of SK, which develops and operates various innovative service in field of mobile and internet industry like Media, Commerce & Ad, Content delivery, LBS. SK planet has launched Japanese application store 'qiip' in Nov. 2011 and now it is expanding the service to Taiwan and China region. SK planet is now providing a multi-lingual SNS (Social Network Services) platform service 'Cyworld' to global users.