Doğuş Group operates in the real estate sector through Doğuş Real Estate and Doğuş REIT.

Owned entirely by the Doğuş Group, Doğuş Real Estate Investment and Management (Doğuş Real Estate) has operated since 2006. The company embraces the vision of being one of the most valuable companies in project management and development through an uncompromising commitment to providing reliable, prestigious and high-quality services.

Doğuş Real Estate Investment Trust (Doğuş REIT) being other subsidiary of Doğuş Group in real estate sector has been enhancing its portfolio size and market value with a stable growth since 1997. Doğuş REIT continues to be one of the leading real estate investment trust companies in Türkiye with Doğuş Center Maslak, D-Ofis Maslak, Doğuş Center Etiler – Office Building, Doğuş Center Etiler – Sport Center (D-GYM), Gebze Center – Shopping Mall, Gebze Center – Hotel (Hyatt House Gebze), Gebze Center – Automotive Showroom and Service (Doğuş Automotive Gebze) real estate investment portfolios and its investments in progress.

Doğuş Gayrimenkul

Doğuş Center Maslak

D-Ofis Maslak

Doguş Etiler Sports Center

GebzeCenter AVM / Otopark