The objective of Doğuş Group has been to add value to every sector it does business in since established. This journey began on March 13, 1950, and has been excellent so far.

Doğuş Construction was awarded the construction of Qatar Al Rayyan Road and North and South Lines TBM Tunnels of Saudi Arabia Metro Project.
Acquisition of Villa Dubrovnik.
Acquisition of the majority shares of Argos in Cappadocia Hotel.
D Watches and Jewelry started HYT, Döttling and Messika distributorship.
D-Gym Etiler started its operations.
D-Life Well Being and Detox Center entered into a licensing agreement with prestigious Chenot Group, and named as Espace Privé Chenot D-Life İstanbul.
Körfez Havacılık renewed its fleet with two new jet aircraft; Gulfstream 550 and Gulfstream 280.
DOEN | Doğuş Energy has launched the new trading brand, 220PLUS.
DOEN | Doğuş Energy Group subsidiary Aslancık Dam and HEPP started electricity production.
d.ream partnered with La Petite Maison, Itsumi and Günaydın. Nusr-Et Steakhouse opened its first overseas branch in Dubai. New brands; Go Meso, Marinette Cafe, Crate Cafe and new branches; Coya Dubai, Zuma Abu Dhabi and Tom’s Kitchen St. Katharine Docks started operations.
IMG-Doğuş organized the fourth Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul event in October 2014.
Pozitif launched Volkswagen Arena; an event venue designed especially for the ultimate live concert experience which can host up to 5.800 people.
Doğuş Müşteri Sistemleri was formed as a marketing and loyalty platform to provide integrated CRM, business analytics, cross marketing and improved customer experience to Group companies.
Doğuş Group employees value platform DO was launched.
N11.com launched online grocery store project, Market11.
Euro.message acquired Turkey’s long-established web analysis and optimization company Visilabs.
Doğuş SK acquired a stake in Radore, one of the leading data centers in Turkey.
Crate and Barrel opened its first stores at Zorlu Center, Akasya Acıbadem and İstinyePark in Turkey and at AFIMall City in Moscow, Russia.
Transfer of Operating Rights Agreement for Salıpazarı Port was signed. In partnership with BLG Capital, the real estate private equity arm of Bilgili Holding, Doğuş Group established Salıpazarı Port Management and Investments Inc.
Darüşşafaka Doğuş Basketbol Team became Champions for 2013-2014 Turkish Basketball 2. Leauge and moved up to the 1st Leauge.
Social citizenship platforms Oyunda Kal (Stay in the Game / Childrens Platform) Bugün Günlerden Yarın (Today is Tomorrow / Youth Platform) and Yaşa Devam (Live On / Elderly- Ageing Well Platform) started operating under the roof of Şahenk Initiative.
D-Marin Turgutreis International Classical Music Festival celebrated its 10 year anniversary.


Garanti Bank is the main sponsor of women’s, men’s and U23 National Wheelchair Basketball Teams and named the Wheelchair Basketball Leagues.
Doğuş Automotive started VW and Audi distributorship in Iraq.
Completion of Otogar-Bağcılar-Başakşehir Underground Station.
NTV Sport Smart HD started operations.
Maximusic Radio started broadcasting.
Acquisition of the majority shares of Bodrum Maçakızı Hotel.
Establishment of D-Hotels&Resorts management company.
Distribution agreement of Capritouch.
Arnold & Son and Bell & Ross distribution agreement.
Acquisition of Gouiva, Lefkas and Zea marinas in Greece.
Partnership agreement with Mezzaluna, Lacivert Restaurant, Group 29, Sait Restaurant and Sele İstanbul Restaurant Group.
Strategic Partnership Agreement between IMG-Doğuş and Beşiktaş Football Club (BJK) signed to promote and market the naming sponsorship, ticketing and hospitality rights of BJK.
IMG Doğuş, organizes Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul event twice a year in March and October.
Acquisition of the majority shares of Vita Park Golf Resort by Doğuş Group to create the IMG Sports Academy structure in Turkey.
Acquisition of the majority shares of Pozitif, live music and entertainment company.
n11.com started its operations under Doğuş Planet.
Doğuş SK Girişim Sermayesi Yatırım Ortaklığı started operations.
Master Franchise agreement signed with Crate and Barrel for nine countries starting with Turkey and Russia.
Acquisition of Darüşşafaka Basketball division with all assets and liabilities through a cooperation protocol with Darüşşafaka about “equality of opportunities in sports and education”.
Darüşşafaka Basketball division continues operations under the management of Doğuş Group.
Partnership agreement with Reidin, a global real estate information company.


Completion of Sofia Metro Extension Project, Ukraine Kiev Boryspil International Airport Development Project, Boyabat Dam and HEPP and Otogar - Bağcılar Metro Construction 1st Phase.
Doğuş Construction signed the Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe Underground constructions and E&M works agreement.
Doğuş Construction participated in the United Nations Global Compact.
First issue of GQ magazine.
VoD platform Tvyo.com became online.
Cnbce.com became online.
D-Marin Resort Göcek started operations.
Acquisition of the majority shares of Capri Palace Hotel.
Establishment of Doğuş Retail Group .
Distribution agreements of Armani Jeans, Armani Junior, Emporio Armani Accesories, Giorgio Armani Accessories and Hublot.
Franchise agreement of Porsche Design.
Opening the mega yacht facilities in D-Marin Mandalina.
Acquisition of 100% of D-Marin Mandalina.
Acquisition of a hotel in Sibenik, which will be operational by 2015 as D-Resort Mandalina.
Acquisition of D-Marin Dalmacija, Zadar in Croatia.
Acquisition of D-Marin Borik, Zadar.
Acquisition of 6,92% shares of Adriatic Croatia International (ACI).
Partnership with Lamda Development SA for Flisvos Marina.
Establishment of Doğuş Energy Electricity Whole Sale Co. within D Enerji.
Boyabat Dam and HEPP started operations.
Establishment of d.ream-Doğuş Restaurant Entertainment and Management Company.
Partnership agreement with Kiva Restaurant, Nusr-Et Steakhouse, Go Mongo, İstanbul Doors Group and International Azumi Group.
Agreement signed between Doğuş Group and IMG Worldwide to form a joint venture company in Turkey.
Launch of Bonubon.com, a premium E-commerce platform and a service mark of Doğuş Yeni İnternet.
Agreement of Strategic Partnership and Cooperation, Private Equity Fund and E-commerce Partnership are signed between Doğuş Group and South Korean SK Group.
Under the E-commerce Partnership Agreement signed with SK Group, Doğuş Planet has been established.
Launch of Doğuş Technology, to provide services in information technology for the Doğuş Group companies.
Partnership with Euromessage-Related Group in “e-marketing” sector.
Doğuş AGRO Projects R&D Services Corporation started operations.


BBVA and Doğuş Group became equal strategic partners in Garanti Bank.
Garanti Bank sold its 20% shareholding in Eureko Insurance to Eureko B.V. by exercising its put option.
Garanti Bank’s cultural institutions merged under SALT.
Completion of Kiev Dinyeper Bridge.
Doğuş Media Group expanded its portfolio with the acquisition of Star TV Channel.
Kral Pop TV and Kral Pop Radio started broadcasting.
Capital Radio and Kral Pop Radio started operations.
Opening of D-Life Well-being and Detox Center.
Doğuş REIT started its operations.
Opening of Emporio Armani Ristorante, the first in the world, at İstinyePark Shopping Mall.
Establishment of Doğuş Yeni Internet.


Acquisition of Club Resort Select Maris and its re-branding as D-Hotel Maris.
Acquisiton of Port Göcek and re-branded as D-Marin Göcek.
Doğuş Automotive participated in the United Nations Global Compact.
Doğuş Automative published its first sustainability report.
First issue of Vogue magazine.
Garanti Bank SA - Romania started its operations.
Opening of Gebze Center Shopping Mall.
License to Artvin Dam and HEPP.
Para Durumu, the First Financial Literacy Initiative of Turkey.
TÜVTÜRK started to support the Traffic Responsibility Action.
Completion of Kadıköy-Kartal Underground.
Completion of Argana-Amskroud Highway.
Completion of Sinop–Boyabat Road.


İstinyePark Shopping Mall awarded Europe’s Best Shopping Mall by International Shopping Mall Council Doğuş Otomotiv published its first sustainability report.
Opening of D-Gym Fitness Center.
Radio Voyage, and NTV Spor Radio started operations.
Oley.com started operations.
Doğuş Media Group published the first carbon footprint report in the Turkish media sector.
License agreement between Doğuş Media Group and Condé Nast Media Group.
Opening of D-Marin Didim Marina.
Partnership with Nautical Center Prgin (NCP) for D-Marin Mandalina, Sibenik in Croatia.
Establishment of D Energy as a parent company of energy investments.
Opening of Black Sea coastal road (Araklı – İyidere).


First issue of Robb Report.
Opening of Park Hyatt İstanbul-Maçka Palas.
Kral TV Channel joined DMG.
Kral FM started operations.
Garanti Bank established the Teachers’ Academy Foundation.
Garanti Bank is the main sponsor of Turkish National Men’s Football Team.
NTV Sports Channel started broadcasting.
License to Aslancık Dam and HEPP.
ThermoKing distributership agreement.
Opening of Meiller Doğuş Damper Plant.
Establishment of Porsche Lausanne D-Auto Suisse SA.


Franchise agreement of Loro Piana.
Lamborghini and Bugatti distributorship agreement.
Doğuş Holding became the main sponsor of Presidential Symphony Orchestra.
Completion of Tanger Highway and Railway Viaducts.
Completion of "Evidea" Residential Project.
Opening of İstinyePark Shopping Mall.
NTV Publications started operations.
Establishment of Garanti Mortgage.
Establishment of Garanti Fleet Management.
e2 Entertainment Channel started broadcasting.
Meiller distributorship and co-production agreement.
Krone – Doğuş co-production agreement.
Establishment of TÜVTÜRK (Vehicle Inspection Services).
Leaseplan partnership for fleet services.
Establishment of Körfez Aviation.
License to Boyabat Dam and HEPP.
Doğuş Holding participated in the United Nations Global Compact.


Bentley distributorship agreement.
Completion of Trakya Motorway in Bulgaria.
Doğuş-GE REIT started operations.
Opening of Doğuş Center Maslak.
Establishment of Doğuş Real Estate.
Doğuş Holding established Doğuş Kids Symphony Orchestra.
Doğuş Otomotiv acquired %100 of SEAT.
Co-production agreement with Krone.


General Electric and Doğuş Group became equal strategic partners in Garanti Bank.
Garanti Bank is the main sponsor of Turkish National Women’s Basketball Team.
Completion of Asilah-Tanger Motorway and Settat Ring Road in Morocco.
Completion of Kazakhstan Almaty-Bishkek Road Rehabilitation Project.
Doğuş Holding is the corporate sponsor of D-Marin Turgutreis International Classical Music Festival.


Initial Public Offering of Doğuş Otomotiv.
Doğuş Otomotiv corporate social responsibility project Traffic is Life! Campaign started.
First issue of NGKids.


Opening of D-Marin Turgutreis Marina.
Krone distributorship agreement.
Doğuş Group’s automotive companies has merged under Doğuş Otomotiv.
Completion of Suğla Depolaması Baraj Gövdesi.
Completion of Tarsus Ayrımı – Mersin Highway.


Opening of Ottoman Bank Museum.


Merger of Ottoman Bank, Körfezbank and Garanti Bank under Garanti Bank.
First issue of National Geographic Türkiye.
Garanti Bank became the main sponsor of Turkish National Men’s Basketball Team.


Ntvmsnbc.com started operations.
CNBC-e Channel started broadcasting with the partnership of Channel E and CNBC.
Joint venture on consumer financing with Volkswagen Financial Services AG-VDF
NTV Radio and Radio Eksen started operations.
Introduction of Bonus Card and Shop&Miles credit cards.


Establishment of Doğuş Media Group (DMG) with the purchase of NTV News Channel and Channel E.
Acquisition of Tansaş’s majority of the shares.
Establishment of Doğuş Oto.
Skoda distributorship agreement and partnership with Yüce Auto.


Garanti Bank started organizing Garanti Jazz Green.
Establishment of Garanti Payment Systems.
Acquisition of Hyatt Regency Hotel İstanbul.
Completion of İstanbul Underground Construction (Taksim-Osmanbey-Şişli phase).
Franchise agreements of Emporio Armani and Gucci.


SEAT distributorship agreement and partnership with Yüce Auto.
Acquisition of Ottoman Bank.
Establishment of Garanti Asset Management.
Establishment of Arena Giyim Sanayi Turizm ve Ticaret A.Ş.


Porsche distributorship agreement.
Establishment of Garanti Bank Moscow.
Establishment of Garanti Yatırım Ortaklığı.


Scania Engines distributorship agreement.


Volkswagen AG distributorship agreement.
Audi and Scania distributorship agreement.
Completion of Edirne-Kınalı Highway.
Purchase of Club Aldiana & Paradise Apart Hotel.
Completion of Pozantı-Tarsus Higway.


Purchase of Sheraton Voyager Hotel Antalya.
Establishment of Ayhan Şahenk Foundation.
Establishment of Garanti Pension and Life.
Garanti Bank is the main sponsor of WWF-Turkey.


Opening of Grand Azur Hotel / Marmaris.
Establishment of Garanti Bank International - Netherlands.
Establishment of Garanti Securities.
Completion of Libya infrastructure and housing construction works.


Garanti Bank offered its shares to public.
Establishment of Garanti Leasing.
Establishment of Garanti Factoring.


Establishment of AGF Garanti Insurance with Assurance Générale de France (AGF) partnership.
Completion of Seyitömer Thermal Power Plant.


Establishment of Körfezbank with Qatar partnership.
Purchase of Genoto.
Completion of Marib (Yemen) Dam and Irrigation Project.


Completion of Aslantaş Dam and HEPP.


Establishment of Doğuş Insurance.


Acquisition of Garanti Bank.


Completion of Suat Uğurlu Dam and HEPP.


Completion of Hasan Uğurlu Dam and HEPP.


Acquisition of Antur Tourism Agency.
Acquisition of Hotel Club Alantur.


Foundation of Doğuş Holding.


Foundation of Filiz Gıda Sanayii.


Completion of Alp Dam and Facilites.

13 Mart 1950

Doğuş Group’s founder Mr. Ayhan Şahenk began his work life
Beginning of Doğuş Construction Group’s infrastructure work