Shaping modern day life with the best brands under its roof, Doğuş Hospitality & Retail Group works with the mission to enrich the lives of all its customers.

With an innovative approach and vision to do better, Doğuş Group gathered F&B, hotels, retail and travel & event management companies under one roof in order to utilize maximum synergy between various sectors and to offer above-the-standard solutions for the consumers.

Taking the lead in each sector it runs in; Doğuş Hospitality & Retail Group continues to introduce upscale and global brands to its customers aiming to add a touch of pleasure to modern life. Today, Doğuş Hospitality & Retail Group serves in 21 countries with more than 200 locations and continues to strengthen its position in the global market through its international partnerships while creating new values for Turkey.


d.ream (Doğuş Restaurant Entertainment and Management) began its operations in March 2012 with the mission to bring corporate standards to the sector and has rapidly became the market leader through its successful investments and partnerships as well as its innovative concepts.


Changing the dynamics of the sector with the support of Doğuş Group, d.ream name is to be found at around 142 outlets in 16 countries. Having an unique position in the sector through the variety and number of restaurants it has both in Turkey and internationally, d.ream continues to work with the mission of introducing Turkish brands to the global arena.



A matchless collection of extraordinary hotels, D.Hotelier properties are united by their stunning locations, immersive experiences, and impeccable service. With destinations in Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, Greece and Croatia, each property is distinctive, yet operate with a single purpose: creating eternal, soul affirming experiences. D.Hotelier properties marry curated experiences with refined cuisine, spectacular art and design, cutting edge spas, and exquisite attention to detail, but their essence stems from their unique locations, narrated through the transcending stories that have unfolded around them through the centuries.



Serving under the umbrella of Doğuş Group since 1976 with the philosophy of "Adding value to the moment," Antur serves many domestic and international companies for corporate events and travel solutions based on its original content and designs.

With the goal of becoming Turkey's most exclusive tourism agency, Antur continues to contribute and add value to country’s tourism with its successful background and well-planned future.

Corporate travel management is one of the fields in which Antur has been effectively delivering services since 1976. Antur adds value to the service with its specialized staff and rich experience, and formulates tailor-made solutions for its clients. In addition to classical services such as flight tickets, hotel booking and car rental, it also assists in corporate travel monitoring and reporting, financial reports and travel reports, so as to help its clients save time and reduce costs.

Event management; With its professional and creative team, Antur provides services to cater for the needs of companies from various sectors, in fields such as launch meetings, conferences, festivals, gala nights, corporate and ticketed events, in both Turkey and abroad.

Doğuş Retail

Doğuş Retail, operates in various fields of the retail market with the brands in luxury fashion, luxury watch & jewelry, sports, cosmetics, art and photography. Doğuş Retail is one of the leading companies in retail sector preferred by world class famous brands for global partnerships with its high service quality.

With its highly trained employees in the luxury segment Doğuş Retail sales points which is located in various places in Turkey offers not only shopping experience but also service based on experience and this is making the company a pioneer in the industry.