Doğuş Holding ranks among the top 10 “Great Place To Work 2015" in Turkey

Great Place to Work®, an independent institution reputed for the most prestigious and widespread survey of corporate culture in the world, ranked Doğuş Holding 9th "Great Place to Work" in Turkey among 80 companies in the category of 50 to 500 employees.

The institution compiled its list of "Great Place To Work 2015" based on a survey of almost 7000 companies and more than 16 million employees in 53 countries in January, and Doğuş Holding made its first appearance on the list in the 9th position thanks to the favorable votes of its employees.

Doğuş Holding scored high in the survey assessing companies on values of reliability, respect, equity, pride and team spirit due to particularly favorable feedback of its employees in the criteria of "pride to work in the company" and "team spirit."

The results show that the Doğuş Group value of "we sincerely solve, execute, develop" has been fully adopted by its employees, and reaffirm the common goals of team spirit and becoming a great place to work.