Ayhan Şahenk Foundation Carries on With its Contributions to Niğde

Aaccomplished by Ayhan Şahenk Foundation, Sabiha Şahenk Library Buildings is Handed Over to The Municipality of Niğde. Sabiha Şahenk's Name Will Continue to Live Through With The New Library Building of The University.

Doğuş Group's Founder and Honorary President Ayhan Şahenk established the Ayhan Şahenk Foundation in 1992, with the intent of institutionalizing the services he rendered for the society. The Foundation continues to implement its supporting endeavors for Niğde.

The Foundation has been undertaking initiatives in various areas such as education, culture, healthcare, sports and environment as well as offering contributions to scientific studies and social aids. Ayhan Şahenk Foundation accomplished a library building in Niğde, in 2000, which had been furnishing service within the body of Niğde University since 2003. The library building is handed over to the Municipality of Niğde to be offered at the disposal of the people of the city. The building, located in the Upper Kayabaşı Quarter, covers an indoor space of 1950 m2 in total. It is planned to render services in an area that will be determined in line with the requirements of the city.

The name of Sabiha Şahenk Library, being one of Turkey's most modern libraries, will continue to live through with the novel building of the university. With the resolution awarded by the University Senate on 29 March 2012, name of Mrs. Sabiha Şahenk, being an education volunteer, will be living through with the new, contemporary library building with a high-capacity which was completed in August 2011 and located in the Main Campus of Niğde University.

Supporting endeavors implemented by Ayhan Şahenk Foundation in Niğde

Educational Services

Being one of Europe's most modern technical high schools, the "Faik Şahenk Anatolian Technical High School" and the "Service Lodgings" built by the Foundation were handed over to the Ministry of Education while ""Gafur Soylu Police Station" was passed on to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The education complex comprising a dormitory with a capacity of 150 female and 150 male students, a multi-purpose hall, open sports fields, study rooms, library and clubhouses for students as well as a kitchen compartment, cafeteria and administrative sections. It is located on a plot of 20.000 m2 and a 10.000 m2 indoor space. Incorporating a total of 20 classrooms, 4 workshops, 4 laboratories and 4 foreign language schoolrooms, Faik Şahenk Anatolian Technical High School has the electrics, electronics and construction departments under its roof. The School has been rendering education services since 1997.

'Service Lodgings', built with the intent of meeting residential needs of teachers working at Faik Şahenk Anatolian Technical High School, also started to furnish service in the same year mentioned above.

Implementations in the Area of Social Aids

As part of the Foundation's commitment to provide social aid – which was initiated in Late Ayhan Şahenk's lifetime and has been carried on uninterruptedly since his decease -, 2500 families in Niğde are provided with dry food aid every year. Furthermore, approximately 50-60 thousand people are hosted at Ayhan Şahenk İftar Table set by the Foundation during the month of Ramadan.

Clothing aid, offered as part of October 29 Republic Day celebrations to 750 underprivileged students, continues as well. The students are determined by the Directorate of National Education.

As the need for a fire truck, to intervene in fires that may come up in high-rise buildings, arose in Niğde Municipality, Ayhan Şahenk Foundation purchased one and donated it to the Municipality.

Operating under specialized healthcare personnel, Ayhan Şahenk Foundation's mobile healthcare units have rendered free of charge visual test and physical examination in all districts of Niğde, including the city center, for several years.

Sports Endeavors

Organizing "Ayhan Şahenk Road Bicycle Racing" between Niğde and Ürgüp as part of "Cappadocia Mountain Bike Festival" - which was implemented between 2000 and 2005 under the sponsorship of Ayhan Şahenk Foundation – was laid down as a condition. Festivals held between these years were given a start with the above mentioned race.

Contributions to the Environment

By planting 250.000 saplings, Ayhan Şahenk Foundation participated in the '7-Tree Forests' campaigns, initiated with the purpose of repairing and greening the areas demolished in forest fires that broke out in 1996 in Marmaris. Second phase of the Ayhan Şahenk Forests of Endearment Project was implemented in Niğde. Established on a bare land of 80 thousand m2, Ayhan Şahenk Endearment Forest sprang to life with the contribution of Doğuş Group personnel, each planting a sapling. With a total of 8 thousand grown trees were planted.