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The "Doğuş Kids Symphony Orchestra" was established in 2006 as Turkey's first national, and permanent, children's symphony orchestra. The Orchestra is comprised of conservatory students between 11 and 18 years of age from different regions of Turkey, and introduces the wonder of symphonic music to Turkish children as performed by their peers.

In 2010, in cooperation with Disney, the Orchestra performed 4 concerts in İstanbul with the "We Travel the World through Magical Soundtracks" concert series, reaching a combined audience of 3,500. Furthermore, 25 members of the Orchestra also joined the Presidential Symphony Orchestra in October 2010 at the Symphony on Campus Tour 2010, another significant project of the Group in the area of arts and culture.

In 2010, the story behind the establishment of the Doğuş Kids Symphony Orchestra was told by Dr. Erdal Atabek, Social Psychologist and Mentor of the Orchestra, with a book named "The Music Calls You". With this book, Doğuş Group aims to not only share the path the Orchestra has gone since its establishment, but also highlight the relationship between music and child development.

Doğuş Kids Symphony Orchestra Website

Having reached its target member number of 100,000 in less than 5 years, the Doğuş Kids website was replaced by the Doğuş Kids Symphony Orchestra website as of July 2010. The Doğuş Kids Symphony Orchestra website aims to create a communication platform among the orchestra members and furthermore, it aims to inform and educate young people on classical music.


Send Me to School Campaign

Since 2006, Doğuş Holding has been providing scholarship for the education of 50 female students on an annual basis, through its support to the Send Me to School campaign, a joint effort with the Milliyet newspaper, together with the Association in Support of Contemporary Living (ÇYDD).

Stationery Support Campaign

In 2010, Doğuş Group supported the Stationery Support Campaign (Mektuplu Kırtasiye Yardımı Kampanyası) with 1000 packages filled with basic stationery items needed for primary education. The campaign, which is organized by Aktif İleti ve Kurye Hizmetleri A.Ş. annually aims to bring equal opportunities in education for economically disadvantaged students.

Financial Literacy

Para Durumu (The first financial literacy initiative of Turkey that reaches out to masses)

Financial literacy is an individual's ability to make informed judgments and effective decisions about the use and management of his/her money. Thus, financially literate consumers manage their income, save and invest wisely and avoid fraudulent practices. The term has gained much importance all around the world, as each 'person' and 'household' is the base of economic sustainability in a country.

Para Durumu,the first private media and interaction based financial literacy initiative of Turkey, reaches out to mases via the multiplatform: weekly TV show on A Haber and a page on the highest circulated national newspapers Posta and Hürriyet. Para Durumu is also published on the monthly women's magazine ELELE. Para Durumu actively uses social media channels via Facebook and Twitter, as well as operating a very popular website

Para Durumu was founded and is spearheaded by Özlem Denizmen, who is Head of Social Investments at Doğuş Holding. Doğuş Holding empowers and encourages Mrs. Denizmen in this important endeavor trying to make a sustainable change in Turkish society in her capacity as a Social Entrepreneur. As a result of this initiative, Mrs. Denizmen was honored by the White House Entrepreneurship Summit, and by the Global Clinton Initiative, as a Young Global Leader 2011 at World Economic Forum. Also, Para Durumu is recognized as a Financial Literacy initiative of Turkey by OECD. The initiative reaches out to youth (University students) via physical meetings as well. In 2010-2011, it visited 12 universities across the country where average participation was 1000 students. It also visited high schools and elementary schools in different parts of Turkey meeting with 200 young female students between ages 15-18 in Şanlıurfa and bringing them along to Harran University, which was their first visit to a university. These special programs were presented as a model for financial education to the Ministry of National Education.

Para Durumu has soon became an address where people seeked out to solve and be guidance for personal finance problems, financial product questions, saving for a house, budget decisions, investment choices, credit card issues, and 'making it through' problems. It has become a popular (and only) venue for people to "talk about money" in public.

Para Durumu special projects with children (Elementary school students):

Kırmızı Kumbara Project: Doğuş Group has started the Kırmızı Kumbara Project as a brand new social responsibility project which aims to teach children about money management, savings and managing their budgets from an early age. Kırmızı Kumbara Project is being realized as a part of the "Okullar Hayat Olsun" project of the Ministry of National Education of Turkey which enables the children and adults to make use of schools after school hours. Doğuş Group aims to teach 4. and 5. grade elementary school students about savings, sharing and environmental consciousness and make these children financially literate. The project started with the pilot study that was undertaken in 2011 as a six week project with Lütfi Banat Elementary school where children were taught how to use and manage money, how to invest in the environment, health and education. In the second phase, the Kırmızı Kumbara project reached out to 25,000 children in the pilot city Istanbul. The Kırmızı Kumbara project consists of 5 phases whereby in the third phase a total of 50.000 children will have been reached alone in Istanbul. In paralel to Istanbul the project will be reaching out to all 7 regions of Turkey targeting 7 schools in each of the 7 cities chosen in these regions, thereby reaching 49 schools. By the end of this third phase a total of 75.000 children will have received financial literacy education. By the end of the 2014-2016 time periods the Kırmızı Kumbara project will be spanning across the country to all schools in all 81 cities. Impact analysis surveys will be conducted and reported out periodically throughout the education seminars by an independent research company.

Para Durumu encourages women :

  • HEDEF 20 BİN KADIN (GOAL 20.000 Women) : A new personal finance education movement for women has been initiated by Doğuş Group in cooperation with Para Durumu with support of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The movement starts with the aim of raising financial awareness of 20000 women in Istanbul until the end of 2013. After the completion of this first phase of the movement, education model developed by Para Durumu will be carried further and become a nation-wide education plan, which will be taught at various Municipality Arts and Vocational Training Centers in Turkey.

Para Durumu continues to provide personal finance education to government employees (3 million people in Turkey):

  • The initiative organizes seminars with different profession groups; police officers, teachers, doctors etc. Discussions with the Government Personnel Department further focus on establishing a web-based financial education program that can reach out to 3 million state employees.

Para Durumu aims to support the development of a national strategy on financial literacy:

  • This requires efforts on research, policy, practice and coordination in general. For this, Mrs Denizmen has been regularly visiting top executives of Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Family and Social Policy , Ministry of Finance and financial regulatory institutions such as Capital Markets Board, Borsa İstanbul, The Interbank Card Center, Credit Bureau of Turkey, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency and the Central Bank of Turkey.
  • The Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association (FODER) was founded in November 2012 as Turkey's first NGO in the field of financial literacy. Doğuş Holding was FODER's first corporate member.
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